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1:100 Tongkat Ali, 60 capsules, on Amazon.com

Tongkat Ali 1:100 Extract
60 Capsules
Price: 18.50 US dollars

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Eurycomanone can be purchased from chemicals warehouses. Nowadays, these are all in China. Eurycomanone is produced by subjecting Tongkat Ali root powder to a wide range of solvents like acetic acid to convert alkaloids into salts.

Next step: a defatting solvent like methylene chloride, ether, chloroform, dichloromethane, or naphtha. Then comes a base chemical like sodium hydroxide (lye), potassium hydroxide, ammonium hydroxide, or ethyl acetate to bring the pH to 9 or 10, which transforms alkaloid salts into free bases. If such a week-long isolation procedure is applied to Eurycoma longifolia, one gets Eurycomanone at a purity of maybe 95 % ... and the remaining 5 % are solvent residues of uncertain composition, but certainly toxic.

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