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Tongkat Ali Indonesian Grade A 1:50 Loose Extract, 50 Grams, on Amazon.com

Tongkat Ali Indonesian Grade A 1:50 Loose Extract
50 Grams
Price: 19.50 US dollars

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For some people, gluten-free is an ideology. They avoid all grains because they are pre-agricultural. But for many others, gluten-free is based on observation, anecdotal evidence, and self-experimentation. This isn't as rigorous as required for a thesis, but it's still inductive reasoning.

The most likely detrimental effect of a food not being tolerated would be diarrhea. A soft, foul smelling stool is indeed a telltale sign of celiac disease, occurring mostly in children. In modern, urban adults, the condition will ring alarm bells, and they will be quick to eliminate suspected culprits from their diets.

Diarrhea is probably under-reported on social media. Having the shits after eating bread, is something most people won't document on Instagram. They may just mention that they have a gluten intolerance, without going into further details.

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