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Tongkat Ali Indonesian Grade A 1:200 Loose Extract, 45 Grams, on Amazon.com

Tongkat Ali Indonesian Grade A 1:200 Loose Extract
45 Grams
Price: 68 US dollars

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Modern science, on the other hand, does not work like this. Since the Lord High Chancellor of England, Sir Francis Bacon, published his Novum Organum in 1620, science employs inductive, bottom-up, logic. Science observes and collects data points, then draws conclusions that are probabilities. How does yogurt affect nutrition, digestion, gut flora, oral hygiene, calcium absorption, protein status, blood pressure, heart health, cancer susceptibility? Taking a wide array of observations into account, we arrive at a probability that yogurt is healthy. We will work on that assumption until some data suggests otherwise. That is how modern science operates.

For some people, gluten-free is an ideology. They avoid all grains because they are pre-agricultural. But for many others, gluten-free is based on observation, anecdotal evidence, and self-experimentation. This isn't as rigorous as required for a thesis, but it's still inductive reasoning.

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