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Indonesian Grade A 1:200 Tongkat Ali, 100 capsules, on Amazon.com

Tongkat Ali Indonesian Grade A 1:200 Extract
100 Capsules
Price: 79.20 US dollars

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The strongest Rho kinase inhibition was achieved by the Eurycoma longifolia component trans-coniferyl aldehyde. Interestingly, the better known component Eurycomanone, hyped in multi-level marketing, fared worse than the full-spectrum extract. Thus, increasing the eurycomanone percentage of a product will make it less effective.

Our interest is in Tongkat Ali for sexual parameters. But that Tongkat ali is such a powerful Rho kinase inhibitor, and given the important role unleashed Rho kinases play in many cancers, some research on this plant appears in a new light.

Full article here.

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