Public shitting, f*cking, eating - These conducts are all natural. Nevertheless, I find it unesthetic or unappetizing to see other humans involved in them. - In spite of all the economic progress, public shitting is surprisingly common in China, even in modern cities. - In the Hippie culture around 1970, public love-making was trendy. Probably just as provocation. Genuine intimacy happens exclusively in private. Yes, we are the sole species that seeks seclusion for sex. Humans are also the only species capable of orgasms. - Seeing people eat isnt quite as annoying as seeing people shit. But still, its often not appetizing.  And I dont feel like I would be missing out on special pleasures by not socializing for meals. Pleasant tastes are a dopamine kick. You notice it only when you eat alone. There are more benefits to solitary food consumption. The pleasures of food are in the mouth, and the burdens of food in the digestive tract. Obesity, artherosclerosis, diabetes. But think of it! You dont have to swallow everything you put into your mouth. Just enjoy the taste and spit the bolus into a plastic bag. You can do this if you eat alone.
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