Sexual Expectations and Reality By Serge Kreutz As modern shaman, you need herbals for sexual enhancement. You also need a sound understanding of the strange human nature. You and we know that sexual realities usually fall short of sexual expectations. But its not the fault of the person on to which we project our sexual expectations. Dont blame it on your expectations either. You need those expectations... the more exciting they are the better.That sexual realities fall short of sexual expectations is a standard operating procedure of human biology and evolution. And this is how it works: In the chemical stew that is our bain, dopamine is the neurotransmitter of pleasure. And in the reward expectation phase dopamine levels are typically higher than in the reward phase. Whether high dopamine levels cause sexual expectations or whether sexual expectations cause elevated dopamine, is largely irrelevant. Expectations, whether sexual imaginations or otherwise, is the motor that keeps evolution and human health going. The grass is always greener on the other side ... this is why humans, among other species, have spread to all corners of the world. In the case of human health, expectations make for a positive mood, even if pessimism is your philosophy. And obviously, a positive mood  strengthens anybodys immune system. The knowledge that dopamine is higher in the expectation phase than in the consummation phase has important implications on an agenda of better, of optimal sex. Advice straight from the shoulder: cultivate your sexual imaginations when you have sex with your normal partner. That means: imagine sleeping with your wifes best friend, or being the owner of a harem of a thousand virgins. Switch off your critical mind. The issue is not how realistic, or moral, your phantasies are. The issue here is to drive up your dopamine beyond what it would be when sleeping with your wife of many years, precisely for the purpose of gaining more pleasure out of sleeping with her. Quote: We found that dopamine release increases with reward expectation.

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