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GRAND SEXUAL FINALE Lifes comforts, and life in itself, are fragile. You dont know what is in store for you, but likely some shit will happen. Even though rational contemplation would justify it, we are not built to commit suicide in order to elude prospective agony. So, what to do? Be sarcastic! Make the best out of it. The options will soon run out. Better celebrate a grand sexual finale as long as you can. Or, for that matter, better still: design your whole life along this line.
The rationale for fantasizing about somebody else when sleeping with your wife. Its perfect trickery to up your dopamine after testosterone was already raised by tongkat ali! Click here to access full article by Serge Kreutz
Since the Kamasutra was written around 500 BC, it is an established concept in spirituality that the quality of ones sex life builds ones eternal soul. You cannot take your wealth with you when you die, but instinctively you know that you, and your soul, can never be separated from the orgasmic fulfillment that you have lived through. This is why, since the Kamasutra, the use of sexual enhancement herbals is advised not only for supreme pleasure but also as a religious duty.
Spiritualism for better sex and more power - Daoism, also spelled Taoism, is the oldest philosophy / religion in China. It evolved from North Asian shamanism. For shamans, a central concept is to harness the spiritual through herbs, drugs, and rituals, for  practical reasons: better sex and more power.
A Comfortable Death Serge Kreutz - A quick, unsuspecting death is good luck. A painless death is a privilege. A comfortable death is a lottery win. Dont bank on it. - Unfortunately, our capacity to suffer is almost endless. But the human potential to experience pleasure and joy, including sexual, is limited to a small fraction of all emotions. Go for it, as long as you can.
Traditional Chinese Medicine is the core of Daoism. The task is balancing Yin and Yang, female and male principles. But not only with herbs. Yin and Yang are also balanced in the joining of the essences, or, in plain English, sexual intercourse. Actually, I dont believe in ghosts or that harmony-with-nature stuff. I like Daoism for its focus on sexuality, or better sex, and for its Shamanic acknowledgement that better sex wont happen without any herbal (phyto-pharmacological) interference with the chemical stew that makes up our brains, bodies, minds, and sexual experience.
The German Arthur Schopenhauer was the greatest philosopher of pessimism. He wrote one thick tome: Die Welt als Wille und Vorstellung. No need to read it. His philosophy is best summarized with two German words: ALLES SCHEISSE
Here is why our sarcastic perspectiveis way superior to philosophical pessimism. Philosophical pessimists consider all efforts in life futile. At the end of the day, they say, life is a failure (because death, usually in agony, cannot be avoided). And before death, life is mostly suffering, so they argue. We, with a sarcastic perspective, answer: Yes, maybe, but lets forget the pessimistic truth for a moment, and have some sex. Ultimately, every life is a failure. So why bother. At least sex feels good. Of that, we are pretty sure. Never mind the philosophers.
You and I, we could die today. I wont regret being dead. But I would regret having had qualms about utilizing every worthy sexual opportunity that presented itself to me, for the sake of a future that never happened, or for the norms of a society about which I dont care.
While Yin and Yang is a rather abstract religious representation of the coitus, sexual worship can get much more explicit in Japan.

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